FloraDecor is florist and floral designer. From our generous shop in the heart of Spoleto we share with customers the dreams and ideas that revolve around the flowers and plants. We work with colors, forms and materials to design yourself and cut out of each space, occasion and mood.

In addition to our aesthetic approach, we focus on an eco-friendly way of working. We favor sustainable floral arrangements with seasonal flowers and the revitalization of antiquated objects and vintage cheap.

We are pleased to welcome you to the store where we display the latest creations and a selection of the best products at a competitive price. We offer our free advice for every need.

Online Store, you can choose from original floral arrangements, traditional and unusual; quality plants for all occasions and modern design objects.

For maximum freshness and integrity of the goods, we make delivery of fresh flowers and plants only in the town of Spoleto and surrounding areas. All other products are processed within 7 working days and delivered throughout Italy within 24 / 48h from the expedition..

Ceila a child spent his time collecting flowers and fruits, combining and mixing the warm colors and exotic perfumes of the Dominican countryside. His creations became popular gifts and small decorations for the holidays in the country. Bring his taste and his experience in the professional floral decoration was a step as natural as desired, tenaciously pursued the study of the technique and the constant updating floral designers at major Italian and European.

The vibrancy of Caribbean colors, the country-contamination of the Umbrian province, passion and continuous study of the last Anglo-Saxon trends, guide his creativity and his tireless desire to offer something very different from the "standardized" Italian style floral design.

His style becomes extremely varied, sometimes unique and ranges from lush country-flavored compositions to colorful and spectacular American calculations.

Unique and constant denominator the quality and freshness of the essences used.

For every occasion studies and designs custom furnishings and decorations, always pay maximum attention to detail and harmony with the place and the personality of his client.

"A flower is short, but the joy it brings in a minute is one of those things that doesn't have a beginning or an end" (Paul Claudel)

Florist Ceila Acosta