Flowers and centerpiece for wedding reception

Whether it is a sober refreshment or rich wedding dinner, the floral arrangement for the reception can include, centrepiece and composition for the wedding table; decorations for aperitifs and buffets; cascade floral runners and cake decorations; without forgetting the placeholders, the decoration of the tableau and of the entrance. To the classic style, always in great demand, we add more modern styles and trends shabby chic, romantic, country or urban style, country chic and boho chic, vintage, theme. Passion, skills and commitment are essential qualities to the florist to adapt the idea of the couple to the characteristics of the location, building a harmonious and unforgettable atmosphere for the newlyweds and all the guests.

The trend for centrepieces in recent years is the use of elements and materials among the most disparate, from glass cups of various shapes (cube, inverted cone, cup, and goblet) to vintage elements; candlesticks, candles and lanterns, up to foliage with rose petals or autumn leaves and lush floral runners. The natural tendency is always stronger: placeholders of ears of lavender, rosemary, wheat or sprigs of aromatic herbs to enrich the table and the menus. Beware of the "centrepiece included in the cost" offers, often restaurants reuse the same flowering plants, or some flower matched to the good already used in weddings before yours. The result will be very far from the professionalism of a florist specializing in floral designers and not appropriate to a single day like that of your wedding.

The choice of flowers and the floral style for the centerpieces, like the decorations for the church, must be studied starting from the surrounding environment, considering the type of location and its colors, as well as of course the wedding season. For example, a wedding in Valle Rosa (Spoleto, Umbria) during the summer, or at Antico Casale Urbani (Scheggino, Valnerina) in spring or at the restaurant Fontanelle (Campello sul Clitunno, Umbria) in the mountains, can be enhanced by use of seasonal floral essences, also close to shades to those naturally present on the site and which often allow a significant saving for the spouses. Choice of seasonal flowers When the tables are not very large, it is advisable to opt for vertical centerpieces, on tall glasses, so that they are not cluttered or prevent the view. In the restaurants with very colorful walls and curtains like the Fattoria (Baiano, Spoleto) it is better to choose light flowers and decorative green essences, on the contrary to the San Lorenzo restaurant (historical center, Spoleto), thanks to the neutral colors of the environment and the large tables, the floral design and the spouses can give vent to their desire for color. At outdoor receptions with long and wide tables, foliage and floral runners, they can fill your wedding with charm and romance.