Conventions for companies, hotels, restaurants, shops

Convention for Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Companies and Offices at prices of convenience, unique in Spoleto and Umbria, for furnishing outdoor and indoor environments, temporary and permanent installations, care and maintenance of the greenery. Forget long journeys to the nursery, waste of time and errors in choosing the right plant for each environment, in the search for the pot, the soil and the appropriate fertilizer for decanting. We will deal with choosing the most robust plants and durability for every environment, transportation, planting and seasonal replacement of flowering plants. Having a well-kept environment is the best business card for your customers, do it with minimum effort and minimum expense. Our professional florist, thanks her passion and professionalism, allows us to offer a complete "Floral Service", suitable for every need, do not hesitate to contact us for advice and a free estimate. Try the all-inclusive seasonal convention with a 20% discount for the first semester.

We offer our loyal customers discounts on permanent and recurring orders, centrepieces and placeholders for the restaurant inspired by the season, a vase of fresh flowers in the hotel lobby, floral display window design, floral details accompanying your exhibitions. Projects designed to enhance the environment and convey a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. We use first choice floral essences, offering an efficient and quality service with weekly change of fresh flowers and compositions, or we realize semi-permanent floral installations, with the use of artificial and stabilized flowers. For every holiday our florist will be able to reproduce the atmosphere inside your company by studying and creating custom decorations: Christmas trees, illuminated festoons, and seasonal crowns, decorations for Easter, theme decorations for the Festival dei Due Mondi .... in line with tradition or with the latest international trends. The affiliated companies and their employees also offer discounts for home delivery throughout the territory of the city of Spoleto of fresh bouquets and floral creations for furniture and gifts. .

Flower Subscription