Bouquet and floral details

Bouquet for the bride and the bridesmaids. On request decoration of the hairstyles and ceremonial dress with fresh flowers. Button for him. All styles for your tastes: shabby chic, romantic, country, urban style, country chic, classic, boho chic, vintage, theme ... Decorations for the car of the couple, floral decorations for the wedding cake. Among all the decorations for the wedding, the bouquet occupies a central place, because it will accompany the bride throughout the day, must be in sync before that with his dress, with his personality and his figure. You can choose the most suitable bouquet for the bride starting from the shape: classic rounded, cascade, scepter, open and voluminous, spherical or in a bundle, up to the mix of flowers and plants or flowers and jewels, as the latest trends. FloraDecor, always advised to choose seasonal flowers for your bouquet, not so much for the cost, but for their resistance, unlike the weaker ones forced to bloom in the greenhouse, will succeed even in the hottest days to accompany you during your wedding, without shrinking in a short time. Roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and lisianthus, combined with the Mediterranean and fragrant leaves such as olive, eucalyptus and rosemary are the most fashionable species.

The flowers and their scent play a very important role during the wedding, in addition to the wedding bouquet and the centrepieces for the reception, there are many other floral details that enrich and complete the setup, turning every wedding into a unique event and unforgettable. There are the personal floral details: from the flowers on the hair of the bride and bridesmaids, trendy boho chic weddings, bouttoniere (eyelet) on the jacket of the groom, witnesses, fathers, and even grandparents. While corsage and bracelet, bouquets decorate the groom's mother, grandmothers, and bridesmaids. For the smaller ones a floral chaplet in Gypsophila and small bunches of roses. Even the wedding cake wants its part, so the floral designer must know how to collaborate with the cake designer. For the ceremony, small decorations on the bride and groom's chairs and on the kneeling table in front of the altar, for the reception the decorations of the menus and the tableau, the place cards and the flowers on the buffet tables.

The bride's bridesmaid is getting an increasingly important role in marriage. Their bouquets smaller than that of the bride can also be made with different flowers and colors as long as they match the color of their dress, on the contrary in form and style they must harmonize with that of the bride. The role of the bridesmaid is to support the bride, especially during the ceremony, it must be taken into account in the creation of the bridesmaid's bouquets that must be practical and light. Alternatively, you can opt for a wristband or a modern flowered bracelet. The tradition of bridesmaids to accompany the bride is recent in Italy, but very well established in the Anglo-Saxon countries and spread all over the world. It is now requested by many spouses who choose for their wedding the Umbrian hills where we operate as florists and floral designers (Spoleto, Trevi, Montefalco, Assisi, and Valnerina).

The floral decoration of the car of the spouses has lost importance compared to the past but remains a distinctive element in the classical representation. Without overdoing it, we often offer to decorate the car with bunches of flowers on the side mirrors, on the front and rear fenders in the case of vintage cars, enriching the decoration with bows and ribbons of white tulle. Alternatively, the windshield wipers can be decorated with thin strips of roses and gypsophila. For the interior of the car, and as an alternative in case of bad weather, we recommend a low and long floral arrangement to decorate the rear window, also visible from the outside.